Payden giving a medicated bath to a patient.

Regular exams and checkups are a critical component of your pet’s health care at all life stages. We advise all pet owners to bring their animals in for routine annual examinations. Preventing diseases and problems is truly the best medicine. Prevention involves regular vaccinations, internal/external parasite control, good quality diet, and thorough physicals.

Puppies and kittens are usually examined around 8 weeks of age to ensure they have no obvious birth defects, to start vaccinations, and ensure they do not have any internal or external parasites to bring into your home. This first appointment allows us to pass along additional information about disease prevention, common behaviors and development issues owners’ face and future care plans. This first visit sets your new pet up for the very best start possible and helps owners to avoid the heartache and expense of preventable diseases.

Dr. Ruff and Russia drawing blood.

Adult dogs and cats require annual exams to ensure they are maintaining a healthy weight, have not developed periodontal disease, are free from parasites, and have normal physical parameters. Dogs and cats are excellent at hiding their diseases and ailments, and it is our job to keep them as healthy as possible for their whole life. By catching problems at an earlier age, we are able to prevent or delay the progression of the disease, often resulting in extra years of life together for your family.

Everyone knows that dogs and cats age faster than people. It is often shocking to owners that their pet becomes a senior around the age of 8 years old. Subtle changes can occur in senior patients, such as weight loss, changes in appetite or water consumption, and urinary retention issues. With annual exams and senior wellness screening, we are able to monitor for changes and often identify diseases before they make your pet feel sick. With monitoring, diet changes, and often medications, we can keep your pet’s quality of life high during their golden years.

Dr. Schmerge and Amanda removing cheat grass from a dog’s ear.

Dr. Ruff and Stacey performing Subcutaneous fluids.

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