Russia and Polly performing blood work.

A thorough physical exam can tell us a great deal about your pet; however, we often need to assess what is happening internally to determine what problem is ailing your pet or if they are truly “Healthy.” To better serve you and your pet, we have a variety of diagnostic equipment available on-site.

We have a full in-house lab where we can run necessary diagnostic tests on your pet. We offer full CBC/Chemistry blood panels, Urinalyses, Cytologies (assess growths/discharge microscopically), and Fecal exams in a matter of minutes. If your pet needs a particular test, we are able to send it out to a coordinating lab, where we typically have results back as soon as the next business day for some tests; other tests can take a week to receive results. These quick turn-arounds can enable us to start treatment as quickly as possible. We utilize our local hospital or send samples to specific veterinary diagnostic laboratories, including Washington State University.

Our in-house lab where we can perform CBC/Chemistries, Urinalyses, Fecals, and Cytologies.

Routine blood work is crucial in monitoring your pet’s health, especially as your pet ages. Not only does it catch underlying diseases and evaluate your pet’s overall health, but it can also provide baselines that we can monitor throughout your pet’s life.

Checking for puppies in a 52-day pregnant dog.

Urinary bladder stone in a dog.

We also offer digital x-ray, as well as digital dental x-rays. X-rays are crucial in determining underlying issues, whether it is heart, kidney, spine, leg fractures or any other organ or structure in the body. X-rays are a safe and non-invasive way to help us diagnose and treat your pet.